CO2 emission and global warming issue

The global warming has brought so many things in somewhat menace, and see how global warming has influenced prominently the weather and climate exchange. The effects of climate has been very much endangered the agriculture , and many sides more. Taken together in cooperation of some international appropriate protocols dealing with global warming concerns, the greatestplanet has managed to do some carbon offset projects.

As a respond to carbon offset, some of examples of the carbon footprint projects are reforestation in Brazil and building wind turbines in the US solar energy. The idea of keeping our earth stay green. Keep our forests existing, making more greenhouse, and the search of alternative projects will make a great deal of handling global warming.

Handling global warming is not easy as industry keep growing these days, but somehow the basic deed to apply to slow or even reverse the global warming phenomenon is by absorbing and preventing CO2 emissions. If you’re interesting in becoming carbon neutral yourself, you can invest in above projects. Simply by joining the buying offsets, and you will receive a certificate confirming that you have already bought these offsets. Not only that, you also receive a bumper sticker showing that you have become a carbon neutral.


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